Vatican puts focus on food waste

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Uploaded on: 10th December 2019
Author(s): Selina Juul

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The Pontifical Academy of Sciences and The Rockefeller Foundation joined forces to host the Conference on Reduction of Food Loss and Waste at Casina Pio IV,  Vatican City. Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) H.E. Dongyu Qu and EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety H.E. Vytenis Andriukaitis, several Champions 12.3 as well as the Champion 12.3 and Founder of Stop Wasting Food movement Selina Juul were invited to speak at the Conference.

The key objectives of the conference were to: (1) share the latest scientific evidence on how to reduce food loss and waste (FLW) and thereby contribute to  global food security; and (2) provide recommendations for expanded global and national action by citizens, corporations, governments, and international organizations, and (3) broaden the alliance of actors for more significant impact.

By the end of the conference, a Final Statement on Food Loss and Waste Reduction document was produced to which 55 participants of the conference have contributed and signed. Reuters, The New York Times and many other international media outlets have reported about the Conference. Selina Juul told to Reuters that it was about time for governments to establish specific departments to combat food loss and waste, otherwise the work falls on the shoulders of volunteers and foundations.


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