Quantified consumer insights on food waste

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Updated on: 1st February 2018
Author(s): Lisanne van Geffen, Erica van Herpen, and Hans van Trijp

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The REFRESH report “Quantified consumer insights on food waste” presents insights about in-home food waste, including: the amounts wasted, household’s food prevention practices, and the influence of motivation, abilities, and opportunities on household food waste. It is based on a large-scale consumer survey in Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary, and Spain.

Results show that, in line with the presented model, food waste prevention household practices (planning of food shopping and use, less impulsive buying, overview of food in stock, cooking precisely, and using leftovers) influence the amount of food waste. Additionally, attitudes towards wasting and beliefs that other do not waste, lead to lower household food waste. Skills and knowledge matter as well: consumers with good food planning, preparation and storage skills waste less. Finally, consumers who have fewer unforeseen events in their meal schedule, and who perceive that stores have food in the preferred quantity and quality, also waste less. These results lead to concrete policy implications.

The report can be accessed via the link below.

Contact email: info@eu-refresh.org
More info link: http://eu-refresh.org/quantified-consumer-insights-food-waste