Her Royal Highness Princess Marie of Denmark participates in a new cookbook with focus on food waste

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Uploaded on: 10th December 2019
Author(s): Selina Juul

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Denmark’s biggest enthusiast against food waste, well-known chefs and Her Royal Highness Princess Marie of Denmark have teamed up for a new cookbook against food waste, which has been published this November. The cookbook aims to inspire families to greater respect for food, save time and money and at the same time help the environment.

The Founder of Stop Wasting Food movement and Champion 12.3 Selina Juul has brought together some of Denmark’s most dedicated food waste fighters: Her Royal Highness Princess Marie of Denmark, renowned TV chef Timm Vladimir, food entrepreneur Anh Lê, gastronomic superstars Francis Cardenau and Michel Michaud as well as cookbook author Louisa Lorang. Together, they have written a useful and simple cookbook with focus on food waste, “Food with respect – A family cookbook which reduces food waste”, which has been published at Denmark’s biggest publishing house Gyldendal. All the recipes in the book are based on food products, which are among the most wasted types of food in the households. “Food with respect” also provides guidance for storing leftovers, smart meal planning and food shopping – altogether in order to reduce food waste. The book’s total 80 recipes have been prepared by the aforementioned contributors.

Her Royal Highness Princess Marie of Denmark has written the book’s foreword and contributes with own recipes. Each sold copy of ”Food with respect” triggers a donation to DanChurchAid. The book launch has already generated large national and international media attention – and the book is being sold at great speed: 100 books per day.

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