Methodology for evaluating environmental sustainability

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Updated on: 21st September 2017
Author(s): Jennifer Davis, Karin Östergren, Marion Loubiere, Nicole Unger

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The aim of this report is to review methodologies for evaluating the environmental sustainability dimension of food waste. Results from the review were analysed, paying special attention on several methodological aspects: functional unit, system boundaries, cut-off criteria, allocation, environmental impact categories, end-of-life, land use change, ecosystem services.

The purpose is to provide a basis for further REFRESH work on recommendations for evaluating the environmental impact, as well as life cycle costs, of different measures regarding food waste. Namely, prevention, valorisation and waste management options. To establish and understand the main methodological challenges, four food waste scenarios were used covering: Prevention at source, valorisation maintaining quality, valorisation as part of waste management and end of life treatment.

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