Procedure for handling the food for charity, approved by the Order of Director of SFVS No. B1-678 of 26 August 2016

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Updated on: 29th August 2017
Author(s): Loreta Mačytė

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In this document are included obligatory requirements for registration as food business operators of all charity organisations (that handle the food), liability, traceability, hygiene and other requirements. Some important parts from it:

Food bank or charitable organisations, receiving food for charity, in accordance with the hygiene requirements, may repackage, or sort food, but in that case they must ensure that the mandatory food labelling information is provided to the recipient charity organisations or final consumer.

The marketing of food past the expiry date is prohibited in Lithuania according The Resolution No. 697 of The Government of the Republic of Lithuania of 11 June 2001 on approval of retail trading rules and the Oder No. V-675 of Lithuanian Minister of Health of 1 September 2005 on the Lithuanian hygiene standard HN 15: 2005 “Food hygiene”. An exception was made for donation of foods past the “best before ” date and allowed to place on the market for donation purpose.