LIPOR launches Dose Certa (Right Portion) project

Uploaded by: Emily Gardiner
Uploaded on: 31st January 2019

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In the last decade, the management, treatment and recovery of Municipal Waste (MW) has become more and more important, because of population growth and the increase in consumption. An important part of this waste consists of food waste, whether resulting from meal preparation, food storage, bad stock management or the end of expiration dates.

Another part of food waste consists of processed/cooked food that is not eaten, whether it doesn’t actually get to be served or it comes back to the kitchen as scraps, when the menus include excessive amounts of food. This means not only that food in good conditions is thrown away every day, which results in a waste of money, but also that everyday people commit irresponsible acts that have a negative impact on the environment.

The “Dose Certa” Project is integrated in LIPOR’s prevention policy, which aims to fundamentally to reduce waste production at its source by changing mentalities. The goal is to reduce and combat food waste, by raising awareness and encouraging the population to change their eating habits, focusing on economic, environmental and health issues. It also promotes good practices related to . This project is currently being developed in restaurants, school canteens and mass canteens. By accounting and characterizing (protein, hydrocarbons, mixed food and others) the food waste produced by restaurants and canteens, it’s possible to point out which group of food is wasted and correct the quantities that are served to the client, thus reducing the food waste.