EUFIC animation video “Waste no food” (EN)

Uploaded by: Christina Sadler
Updated on: 5th November 2017
Author(s): European Food Information Council (EUFIC)


An engaging video to attract attention and raise awareness about the importance of not wasting food. This video illustrates the problem through the example of bananas (1 in 4 bananas go to waste!), and gives a practical tip on how to not waste them. This is one part of EUFIC’s package of accessible, appealing and actionable science based information (article, Q&A, tips, videos, images) to inspire and empower people to #WasteNoFood. The resources will be shared, and freely available on EUFIC’s website and YouTube channel We invite everybody to use and share the materials. @EUFIC will be engaging an active social media campaign during the month of November. Join the movement #WasteNoFood.

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