Danish food waste pioneer receives the Honour of Ekotopfilm Award

Uploaded by: Kate Bygrave
Uploaded on: 26th June 2019

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In 2008, Selina Juul founded the Stop Wasting Food movement (Stop Spild Af Mad) in Denmark, which has today become a national and international movement against food waste, initiating hundreds of project and activities, engaging hundreds of volunteers and students, collaborating with governments, EU and UN – and creating tangible results. Lately, every 2nd Dane has become aware of the importance of fighting food waste – and the numbers from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency reveal that Danish households have reduced food waste by 14.000 tons within 6 years.

Recently in Bratislava, Slovakia, the Founder of Stop Wasting Food Movement Selina Juul has accepted an international prestigious Honour of Ekotopfilm Award for her 11 years of work against food waste.

The Honour of Ekotopfilm Award is designed to evaluate the major national and international personalities for outstanding services achieved in sustainable development, for major breakthroughs, human or cultural activities, or for lifetime achievement and for the development of human society. The Honour of Ekotopfilm award was established in 1998.